Who Are We?

We are a network of academics and researchers working on new robotics and sensing technologies.

We aim to bring together all parties in the innovation ecosystem to facilitate the advancement of science and technology, including research providers from tertiary institutions, CRIs, COREs, Callaghan Innovation and various industry groups in New Zealand. Our network intends to foster and build collaborations, partnerships, and networking to undertake research and development projects in particular projects with a national focus such as the National Science Challenges.

The network organises conferences and other meetings, and serves as a focal point for New Zealand industry and researchers.

The NZRAS team consists of the following people:

Dr. Ho Seok Ahn (University of Auckland)

Kyla Archer (University of Auckland)

Dr. Oliver Bachelor (University of Canterbury)

Prof. Will Browne (Queensland University of Technology)

Prof. Richard Green (University of Canterbury)

Prof. Sen Gupta (Massey University)

Dr. Christopher Hollitt (Victoria University of Wellington)

Dr. John Kennedy (GNS Science)

Dr. Minas Liarokapis (University of Auckland)

Dr. Shen Hin Lim (University of Waikato)

Dr. Patrick Lim (Callaghan Innovation)

Prof. Bruce MacDonald (University of Auckland)

Prof. Brendan McCane (University of Otago)

Dr. Ben McGuinness (University of Waikato)

Dr. Mahsa Mohaghegh (Auckland University of Technology)

Dr. Mahla Nejati (University of Auckland)

Dr. Martin Stommel (Auckland University of Technology)

Dr. Kent Stewart (WYMA Solution)

Dr. Rachael Tighe (University of Waikato)

Dr. Henry Williams (University of Auckland)

Prof. Ian Woodhead (Lincoln Agritech Ltd)